Studio Project : Inter-cultural Dialogue

Inter-cultural Dialogue is an international studio project for the students of the Graduate School of Design. Its goal is to promote cross-cultural understanding and communication, which can be undertaken jointly by international students or students from partner schools abroad and Japanese students, and is carried out in English and Japanese, depending on the language of the participants. In this project, students from diverse cultural backgrounds put into practice effective cross-cultural understanding and attractive ways of communicating.

In the spring semester of 2022, 11 students were divided into three groups and each created outcomes such as a video, booklet and desktop calendar with international comparisons on the themes of Breakfast, University and Calendar. Finally, they organized an exhibition at the Ohashi Campus to showcase the works designed. At the venue, the students created a space for dialogue with international visitors through the introduction of their works.

 The Graduate School of Design will continue to promote internationalization by increasing such subjects in English and exchange opportunities with international students.

Contact: International Office, Faculty of Design