Visual Creation of “Nishitetsu Store Vision 2035, FOODPARK Kyushu” – Co-Creation by Nishitetsu Store and Students

The research project with Nishitetsu Store Inc., Ihara, Ikeda, and Toh laboratories worked on the creation of visuals that would make it easier for employees, and customers to understand the vision that the company aims to realize by 2035. The students and Nishitetsu Store employees deepened their understanding of the vision through workshops, and the result was an overview map of the future and 16 future scenes (icons) that promote all the employees understanding and lead to action. These items are being used in company workshops for employees since April 2023 and is also being considered for use in a variety of other tools from now on.

[Student Participants]
Yukina Takenaka 
Takayuki Kuroda 
Hinako Ogawa 
Rina Sugano 
Daiki BIto 
Nonoko Fujii 
Kasumi Maki 

[Faculty members]
Hisayasu Ihara <Professor, Department of Media Design>
Minako Ikeda <Associate Professor, Department of Design Futures>
Kiriko Toh <Assistant Professor, Department of Media Design>