Internationalization Initiatives: Welcome Party held in Ohashi Campus!

Geiko Student Supporters organized a welcome party for the new international students joining us from April 2023 at the Design Commons on the Ohashi campus, Kyushu University. A total of 42 students participated, including 8 Geiko supporters, 26 international students, and 8 Japanese students.

We started with a self-introduction. Each participant was given a candy, and depending on the color of the candy, they were instructed to share specific information about themselves, such as hobbies, favourite movies/music, and future dreams. Such a method of introduction allowed us to find various common interests among the participants. After that, while enjoying sushi and pizza, we conversed to deepen our friendships. It was great to see everyone actively walking around and initiating conversations with people they hadn’t talked to before. Finally, we enjoyed a game called “Drawing Telephone”, which involved expressing a given theme through drawings and conveying it to others, transcending language barriers. This game brought everyone together as one. Since the international students coming to Kyushu University come from various Asian and European countries, those participating in this party must have expanded their circle of friends. The welcome party was a great success, and in the post-event survey, all participants responded that they had a wonderful time.

At the Ohashi Campus, there are many international students who are eager to learn more about Japan, as well as Japanese students who want to interact with international students. The Geiko Student Supporters become a connector to link these two groups. We organize events where language skills in either Japanese or English are not a barrier, and we are here to provide full support! If you are interested in joining us, please keep a look out for our events through our SNS, student portal and Geiko Global website.

About the writer
Kana Kusumi
I am a master’s first-year student in the Acoustic Design Course at the Graduate School of Design. I am learning English and Danish to study abroad in Denmark after graduation. Since becoming a Geiko student supporter, I enjoy interacting with various international students. If you have any problems with the language, please let me know! I can help to translate or be your interpreter!