P.E.A.S (Practice English in Art and Science) Workshop

Every year, the Fukuoka City Minami Ward office calls upon various universities near the district to invite them to participate in the “Children’s University,” a project that takes place during the months of July and August. In this project, interested families from schools in the surrounding areas can apply for the workshops of their choice.

This workshop, led by international master’s students from various courses of the Graduate School of Design of Kyushu University, was held on July 22, 2023, Saturday, from 9:00 to 12:00, on Ohashi Campus. It saw the participation of 12 families (a maximum of 3 members, parents and children included), with a total of 25 attendees. It had multiple key objectives: teaching children how to create a final product using recyclable materials while practicing simple English vocabulary and facilitating interaction between the international students and the Japanese community.

It featured various activities. It began with a ball-tossing game to introduce each participant and serve as an icebreaker. The main highlight was the construction of cars using recyclable materials, with precise instructions in both English and Japanese. Kids used their creativity to decorate their cars, helping them overcome shyness. Later, they tested their creations in races and demonstrations. The workshop also included a BINGO game, fostering stronger bonds of trust among the attendees as they asked questions about hobbies and preferences. The workshop concluded with heartfelt appreciation from the organizers, as attendees went home with great experiences, smiles on their faces, and their self-crafted functional and fun cars.

From the perspective of international students, it was fascinating to see how the workshop impacted the kids. Initially, some were shy, but by the end, everyone was enjoying the bingo game and the car presentations without fear. The children also relished the time spent with their parents and other kids during the event.

About the writer
I am an international master’s student from Guatemala. I love design, photography, and writing. I enjoy telling stories and making new friends, which I find very interesting. Join me and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Japanese culture.

Hector Alejandro Palomo Reyes
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