ReCAPS 10th Anniversary Seminar

This year the Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science (ReCAPS) , Faculty of Design, Kyushu University celebrates its 10th anniversary.To commemorate this, we plan to hold a special “ReCAPS 10th Anniversary Seminar” as follows:Date: November 11, 2023 (Saturday)Time: 13:00-18:00Place: Ohashi campus, Bld. 3, rooms 321 / 322The schedule is attached, and you are very welcome to join.

ReCAPS aims to function as a platform for research activities in perceptual science. The language of communication is English and ReCAPS members are active in multidisciplinary fields related to perception.ReCAPS members are active in fields such as perceptual psychology (e.g., visual perception, auditory perception, haptics, and the perception of taste and smell), cognitive science, brain science, signal processing, mathematical science, information technology, and others. Essentially research and scientific exchange in any field related to the processing of information in the brain is performed at ReCAPS.

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