[News and Stories by Geiko’s student] The Second Welcome Party for This Year!

We were delighted to welcome many new international students to our campus also this October. As a result, we planned and held our second welcome party for them at the Manly cafeteria on the Ohashi campus, Kyushu University. A total of 50 students participated, including 10 Geiko supporters, 17 new international students, 13 current international students and 10 Japanese students. The party was a great success with more participants than the last time.

First, we played a bingo game with personal questions so that they could get to know each other. The bingo sheets contained 25 different questions in 25 squares, such as, “Who likes pizza?” and “Who has the same foot size as you?”. If they could find 5 people in the same row, you could win. Thanks to the game, everyone had the opportunity to communicate with each other. After that, we played a second game called “2 Truths 1 Lie”. We divided ourselves into 6 groups of different nationalities. In each group, one person had to say 3 things about themselves, with 1 being a lie and 2 being truths. The other members of the group had to guess which was the lie. This game brought smiles and laughter. It has helped foster good relationships. After we had enjoyable icebreakers, the cafeteria staff served us delicious food, including halal and vegan food that catered to some of the student’s dietary requirements. Everyone chatted and mingled around while savouring the meal.

The event was fantastic and enriching as we had participants from various countries, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Iran, Holland, Germany, America, Brazil, Guatemala, etc. We tried to communicate in English, through the official language varied in each country, and we managed to have decent conversations and exchanges on language and culture. For international students, such an event provided an opportunity to make new friends, especially since they are new to Japan. In the event that they encounter any problems in Japan, we hope they can rely on the friends they met at the party for support. For Japanese students, the event offered a valuable opportunity to get to know international students better. In daily life, we may lack the confidence to talk and engage in conversation with foreign students due to language barriers. However, at this party, we could communicate with each through the relaxed and casual ambience.

This party is just the beginning of this semester. The Geiko supporters are already planning our next event on November 5th during the Geiko Festival. For those who have enjoyed the time with us and those who are keen to join us, keep a look out for it.

About the writer

Kana Kusumi
I am a master’s first-year student in the Acoustic Design Course at the Graduate School of Design. I am learning English and Danish to study abroad in Denmark after graduation. Since becoming a Geiko student supporter, I enjoy interacting with various international students. If you have any problems with the language, please let me know! I can help to translate or be your interpreter!