[News and Stories by Geiko’s student] Geiko Festival 2023

From November 3rd to 5th, we held our grand annual event, the Geiko Festival. We were blessed with sunshine for all three days, allowing everyone to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

On November 3rd, the festival kicked off with a wonderful musical band event featuring ZENYA23 at night. The ZENYA team, comprising students talented in singing a song, playing instruments, stage-setting, and costume design, delivered a spectacular performance. In the final program, the leader of ZENYA sang a Japanese rock song, “Arigato (Thank you)”, by SUPER BEAVER, expressing gratitude to the audience and his great team members.

November 4th and 5th were the main event days. Inside the buildings, a plethora of events unfolded. We have a captivating short animation film created by null-ken, showcased in one of the classrooms. Also, a handmade accessory shop in Building 1 offers participants a delightful shopping experience. Geiko supporters organized a cultural workshop for international students and the public to experience Japanese culture.

Around the campus, at the courtyards, we have set up many tentages to sell a variety of foods and goods. For example, the Geiko Oke (Philharmony Orchestra) tent served three delectable types of curry rice that proved to be immensely popular. In addition, there were performances and fantastic pro wrestling matches on the link by the fountain. In the frying pan area, we could enjoy music events the whole day.

The gymnasium housed major attractions, with an art installation captivating the audience on the 4th. The installation featured beautiful decorations, lighting and a lot of loudspeakers, creating an immersive experience. The installation was divided into 3 displays, and each had a unique concept, encouraging participants to ponder their meanings. On the 5th, a spectacular fashion show unfolded, showcasing artistic costumes crafted and worn exclusively by students. The audience marveled at the beauty and creativity on display.

The festival concluded on the night of the 5th with a campfire, concluding the 3-day festival. Participants surrounded the campfire, dancing and chanting “Soi.” The event staff painted their faces with different colours and designs and wore traditional costumes, adding to the festive atmosphere.

A variety of people attended the Geiko Festival, including high school students, children, and Geiko graduates. Since the festival occurs only once a year, many of our students invested significant time preparing for it throughout the year. As the festival concluded, a sense of nostalgia and perhaps a bit of loneliness lingered among participants.

About the writer

Kana Kusumi
I am a master’s first-year student in the Acoustic Design Course at the Graduate School of Design. I am learning English and Danish to study abroad in Denmark after graduation. Since becoming a Geiko student supporter, I enjoy interacting with various international students. If you have any problems with the language, please let me know! I can help to translate or be your interpreter!