Design in Japan B and Understanding Japanese Design B 2023/2024

Design in Japan B/Understanding Japanese Design B is an elective open to students from all schools and graduate schools of Kyushu University, including international students and exchange students.

The purpose is to learn about and practically engage in Japanese Design from various subjects and perspectives and to nurture students who can communicate about Japanese Design with a deep insight into the future.

This subject offered lectures and workshops, including an excursion to Yame City to learn from the experts how to make traditional Japanese incense. The contents focused on sound, music, and scent and examined both traditional and contemporary design and art practices. Students participated in these practices and explored the theme of “ephemerality” and interpreted the meaning through various mediums and media to create their own design/art/music works. These works are presented through various senses, including smell and touch, in a final presentation event, “Nagare, The Subtle Art of Dying”, which was opened to the public on January 28, 2024, at the Design Commons 2nd Floor.

There were 24 international students taking the subjects and they came from 8 countries and regions: America, China, France, Germany, Guatemala, Iran, Netherlands and Taiwan.

December 11, 2023, to January 28, 2024

Subject Content
・ Phenomenology of Scent by Associate Professor Marinucci Lorenzo (Invited lecturer)
・ Excursion: Traditional Incense Making by Assistant Professor Jamieson Daryl and Associate Professor Marinucci Lorenzo (Invited lecturer)
・ Sound and its Organization by Assistant Professor Jamieson Daryl
・ Group Creation 1 – 3 by Assistant Professor Jamieson Daryl

Number of Credits
2 credits

International Office, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University