[News and Stories by Geiko’s student] Undergraduate Exhibition & Poster Session: Acoustic Design Course

On February 17th, 2024, a poster session and exhibition were held by fourth-year bachelor students of the Acoustic Design course, School of Design. It is their final presentation in their school life (although some students may proceed to a master’s course). Everyone did their best to present their learnings at the school of Design, Kyushu University.

The Acoustic Design course can be broadly divided into 3 categories: Sound Culture, Acoustic Environmental Engineering, and Acoustic Informatics Science. Also, there are 16 laboratories and professors. Therefore, the topics of study are so varied, such as environmental acoustics, composition, song culture, psychology, loudspeakers, concert halls, musical instruments, voice studies etc. Each student belongs to a laboratory and begins their study upon entering the fourth year.

During the poster sessions, the students are divided into 2 groups. They put up their posters in different venues and presented their research to the faculty members and students. The atmosphere felt like a free market with students presenting their research, and the audience listening and asking questions. Some students designed games, composed music and presented their music in creative ways. After an hour, the roles were reversed with the ringing of a bell. Everyone enjoyed and had fruitful learning through the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Through the exhibition, the students in the Acoustic Design course demonstrated a diverse range of talents and interests. Also, each individual has their own dreams and perspectives! If you are intrigued by the course, we encourage you to attend future poster sessions or consider enrolling in our course next year!

About the Writer
Kana Kusumi
I am a master’s second-year student in the Acoustic Design Course at the Graduate School of Design. I am learning English and Danish to study abroad in Denmark after graduation. Since becoming a Geiko student supporter, I enjoy interacting with various international students. If you have any problems with the language, please let me know! I can help to translate or be your interpreter!