Short Collaborative Design Workshop 2023 @ NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University)

The joint workshop was organized by Kyushu University (KYU), School of Design and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) from 5 March to 9 March, 2024. The workshop was conducted as NTNU campus in Taiwan. The theme for this project was Designing Innovative Learning Experience for STEM/STEAM for School Students. The objective of this workshop is to expose students in the School of Design, International Program (IP), to short term educational experience; to create opportunity for academic exchange between KYU and NTNU students; and to create opportunities for KYU students to use English in academic context.
During this project, KYU students worked with the NTNU students to understand the cultural context of Taiwan and propose new design solutions for STEM/STEAM education for school students. Through the school visits and short lectures, students were able to apply knowledge and skills in design to identify design needs and propose design solutions for future STEM/STEAM education. More importantly, students get to communicate their ideas and concepts in English in such a collaborative workshop.
The reports on what each participant experienced and felt are compiled on the Geiko Global website.