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The School of Design | Acoustic Design Department

Educational Philosophy and Goals to Promote Designers of the Future

In order to cultivate acoustic designers who can deepen our understanding of acoustic culture, evaluate it appropriately, create suitable sound environments, and promote sophisticated communication of acoustic information, we foster those with a broad outlook on people and society, who are equipped both with artistic sensibility and expertise in acoustic technology, and who possess comprehensive design abilities.

Educational Programs

The Acoustic Design Department consists of three domains: Science of Sound Culture, Science of Acoustical Environment, and Science of Acoustic Information. Science of Sound Culture helps students develop a systematic understanding of spoken language which is used to convey our intention or ideas. It also helps them deepen their historical and theoretical understanding of musical performance, and enhance understanding of relevant fields of musicology and composition. By deepening understanding of these things, the program teaches how spoken language culture and music culture promote mental activity through sound. Science of Acoustical Environment helps students study to assess various sound environments around us, while also studying how to analyze, plan, and control them. Thus, they learn to construct the optimal sound-environment. As a field where sound and humans are directly linked, Science of Acoustic Information teaches students physiology and the psychology of hearing, covering information on language and music, and optimization of acoustic devices and musical instruments, including analysis, extraction, processing, and communication of acoustic information.

To provide cross-curricular education in these three areas, we provide acoustic experiments, group readings of papers, and advanced research for graduation, so that students can acquire comprehensive abilities as acoustic designers.

Prospective Students

In the Department of Acoustic Design, students research planning and designing in order to alter various sounds in our daily lives to create a more suitable acoustic environment. Ultimately we aim to foster designers who are equipped with both expertise and research/development abilities. After enrollment, students are required to study a wide spectrum of fields so that they can acquire expertise in acoustic science technology backed up by a scientific worldview and an acute acoustic sensibility. Therefore, we welcome those who have an aptitude for science and engineering as well as aesthetic sensitivity.

Requirements for Admission, Selection Methods, and Screening Standards

In screening applicants, we determine first and foremost if they have adequately learned the basics of mathematics, physics, and a foreign language in high school.

*For the first-stage examination, a uniform screening method is adopted throughout all departments.

*For applicants who take the Admissions Office Examination, we welcome highly-motivated students with distinctive personalities who have been enthusiastically involved in a wide range of activities, and who have gained meaningful experience beyond mere possession of basic academic ability. Therefore, we exempt such applicants from an individual scholastic test, and instead we select outstanding students through a screening of documents as well as the evaluation of the overall results of the National Center Examination, an essay, the test of practical skills and interview.