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The School of Design | Department of Art and Information Design

Educational Philosophy and Goals to Promote Designers of the Future

Our aim is to foster designers who can coordinate the relationship between people and media, and scientifically plan and design a well-balanced media environment, linking more creative human lives with globalized world trends in a sophisticated information-communications society where the Internet and cell phones are in widespread use in everyday life. To attain these aims, we help students develop comprehensive planning ability, keen aesthetic sensibility and profound understanding of art and culture, and scientific and engineering expertise concerning communication. We cultivate designers who can create new values for society in the future, and contribute to the world at large.

Educational Programs

With the aim of comprehensively examining the interaction between art and information, the Department of Art and Information Design is comprised of three fields: Media Design and Information Environment Science. Media Art and Culture helps students gain a deeper insight into art and culture. It teaches them how to create a harmonious media environment, and how to communicate from an international point of view, as well. Media Design teaches what to and how to create in a sophisticated information-communications society in order to facilitate innovative and creative design. Information Environments Science teaches information science, mathematics, science, and technology, all of which serve as the basis for planning, designing and developing optimal media environments.

In addition, through many hands-on projects in which all the teaching staff participate, we attempt to develop students' practical abilities in producing original, people-friendly, and logical solutions to challenges.

Prospective Students

We welcome qualified students who

*Have strong abilities for communicating with others, have a keen interest in others and a sensitivity to the times, and furthermore have a passion and abilities to enrich our lives by making full use of varied media.

*Have an aptitude for mathematics and science, and have a willingness and abilities to develop tools and software for new media environments.

Requirements for Admission, Selection Methods, and Screening Standards

*For the first-stage examination, a uniform screening method is adopted throughout all departments.

*For applicants who take the Admissions Office Examination, we welcome highly-motivated students with distinctive personalities who have been enthusiastically involved in a wide range of activities, and who have gained meaningful experience beyond mere possession of basic academic ability. Therefore, we exempt such applicants from an individual scholastic test, and instead we select outstanding students through a screening of documents as well as the evaluation of the overall results of the National Center Examination, an essay and the test of practical skills.