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The School of Design | Department of Industrial Design

Educational Philosophy and Goals to Promote Designers of the Future

We aim to nurture specialists in industrial design, which involves the creative activity of planning and designing, so that people's surroundings as well as a variety of associated phenomena can be well adapted to the living environment or social activities. The program fosters designers who are well versed in the relationships between people, the physical environment, and society. It also cultivates students who are skilled in scientific and engineering conceptual skills based on their expertise in scientific technology, and those who have a comprehensive design capability, along with artistic sensibility, creativity, and the ability to design with intensity to accomplish their plans.

Educational Programs

In the Department of Industrial Design, students study the following three domains systematically and practically in order to accomplish "the humanization of technology" based on scientific considerations and artistic sensibility. First, students study Ergonomics from morphological, physiological, psychological, and behavioral aspects to understand the relationship between human beings, objects, and the environment in light of people's biological features, including their aesthetic sensibilities, as well as people's environmental adaptations. Second, in the Industrial Design field, students study the history of design and the social/cultural background from the first part of modern times to the present day to create a desired lifestyle concept for the next generation. In addition, students study specific processes of industrial design and proposal methods related to interiors and products. Third, in the area of Intelligent Mechanics and Control, students study engineering basics and theory necessary for designing machinery, measurements, and data processing techniques, basic mathematics for data analyses, and computer skills to support these endeavors.

Prospective Students

The Department of Industrial Design aims to cultivate designers who are capable of planning and designing various elements and systems for constructing a desirable living environment, such as tools, instruments, equipment, and space, which will require comprehending the various diversified mechanisms of our lives. To achieve these objectives, students acquire design skills by sensible, scientific engineering approaches in the light of human characteristics, such as art and culture. Students also develop their faculties for discovering problems and challenges in our lives, and producing specific solutions and procedures. In targeting these skills, we welcome students who have a rich artistic sensibility, a high school level in mathematics, physics, and the ability in foreign languages.

Requirements for Admission, Selection Methods, and Screening Standards

*The first-stage examination is a uniform screening method utilized by all departments.

*For applicants who take the Admissions Office Examination, we welcome highly-motivated students with distinctive personalities who have been enthusiastically involved in a wide range of activities, and who have gained meaningful experience beyond mere possession of basic academic ability. Therefore, we exempt such applicants from an individual scholastic test, and instead we select outstanding students through a screening of documents as well as the evaluation of the overall results of the National Center Examination, the test of practical skills, and interview.