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Admission Policy,Communication Design Science Course

In the advanced information society we live in today, tremendous amounts of audiovisual information circulate at high speeds that transcend traditional constraints of space and time. This information has become an essential aspect of our lives, but there are also strong demands for real communication between people. The Communication Design Science Course aims to create audiovisual environments where such demands can be satisfied, and to both develop scientific and technical skills and nurture artistic sensibility in our students.

In the Audio-Visual Integration Division, we provide a systematic course of study that covers language, music, environmental sounds, and images. Students study and conduct research on methods to integrate audiovisual information, strategies for achieving this integration, and the type of audiovisual culture that will best suit our needs in the future.

The Acoustic Communication Division provides a systematic course of study on the functions and characteristics of audio information sources. Students study and conduct research on technologies to physically analyze and regulate places where information is communicated, to achieve acoustic information transmission that best meets the needs of humans.

In the Visual Image Communication Division, students study and conduct research on leading basic theories in image engineering. This includes visual information processing, analysis, and cognition, computer vision, and image producing algorithms. We then examine applied technologies based on these theories that can be adopted in society.

In the Hall Management Engineering Division, students engage in practical education and research regarding management methods in theaters, halls, and other venues based on both engineering knowledge and the understanding of the significance of promotion of culture and art. This curriculum is offered only as a masterfs program.

The Communication Design Science Course seeks students who understand sounds and images not just as signals for communicating simple information, but also as effective communication media, and who are interested in pursuing the possibilities of these media.