Internationalization Initiatives: Design in Japan A/Understanding Japanese Design A 2022

“Design in Japan A/Understanding Japanese Design A” is a subject of the School of Design and Graduate School of Design where faculty members from diverse fields of specializations, such as architecture, perception, painting, origami-based engineering, etc., introduced Japanese design from their respective points of view. The subject provides a one-stop opportunity to learn about design from a wide variety of disciplines. It was part of the “Program for Understanding Japan” and opened to students from all schools and graduate schools of Kyushu University.

This year, we have a total of 35 students joining the subject from 10 countries: Japan, America, China, Finland, Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, Senegal, and Thailand. Of these, 54% of the students were international, and 46% were local. The subject was conducted all in English and in a hybrid format with face-to-face and online participation for students who were unable to enter Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were lectures and workshops conducted with students engaging in group discussions, practices, and experimentation. This subject allowed students the opportunities to interact, hear from different perspectives, help each other to learn, and have fun during the classes and the field trip.

For the field trip, we went to Okawa City, Yanagawa City, Kurume City, and Saga City which are in the Chikugo region, located in southern Fukuoka prefecture. Highlights of the day include visits to traditional Japanese architecture such as temples, shrines, and local residence houses, which are designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

In the final presentations, the undergraduate students shared about the characteristics of Japanese Design and how they are important to them in their field of work. The graduate students examine their philosophy in the field of their study and based on the insights that they have gained on Japanese design, determined how has it influenced or affirmed their philosophy.

The Faculty of Design will continue to promote internationalization, creating more opportunities for exchanges with international students and classes taught in English.

Internationalization Initiatives: Design in Japan A/Understanding Japanese Design A 2022

April 13 to July 6, 2022

#1 Introduction
Date: April 13 (Wednesday)
Instructor: SHIMOMURA Moe

#2 Japanese Architecture
Date: April 20 (Wednesday)
Instructor: KATO Yuki

#3 – 6 Excursion “Japanese Architecture”
Date: April 23 (Saturday) 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Instructor: KATO Yuki, SHIMOMURA Moe
Venue: Okawa City, Yanagawa City, Kurume City, Saga City

#7 What is Universal Design?
Date: May 11 (Wednesday)
Instructor: Yanfang ZHANG

#8 Universal Design in Japan
Date: May 18 (Wednesday)
Instructor: Yanfang ZHANG

#9 Origami based Engineering Design
Date: May 25 (Wednesday)
Instructor: SAITO Kazuya

#10 Service Design / Innovation Management in Japan
Date: June 1 (Wednesday)
Instructor: TOKUHISA Satoru

#11 History of Japanese Design
Date: June 8 (Wednesday)
Instructor: IKEDA Minako

#12 Spatial expression of “Kakiwari” in Japanese Painting
Date: June 15 (Wednesday)
Instructor: NAKAMURA Kyoko

#13 Installations and Media
Date: June 22 (Wednesday)
Instructor: MAKINO Yutaka

#14 Presentation & Discussion
Date: June 29 (Wednesday)
Instructor: SHIMOMURA Moe

#15 Presentation & Discussion
Date: July 6 (Wednesday)
Instructor: SHIMOMURA Moe

Number of Credits|
2 credits

International Office, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University