“Touching the Future: The Science and Technology of Multisensory Cutaneous Displays” Workshop Held at International Conference World Haptics 2023

The workshop “Touching the Future: The Science and Technology of Multisensory Cutaneous Displays,” co-organized by Associate Professor Hsin-Ni Ho and Dr. Lynette Jones of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was held on Monday, July 10, 2023 at the World Haptics Conference 2023 in Delft, Netherlands. It gathered over 80 participants, each bringing their unique perspectives from various fields of expertise, fostering dynamic discussions and rich information exchanges. This workshop provided an invaluable opportunity for everyone to deepen their understanding of this new technology and enhance their connections with each other.

Workshop details:

The skin is our largest and most versatile sensory organ, capable of perceiving a wide range of sensations, from pain to pleasure. Multisensory cutaneous displays are emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionize fields such as human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and robotics. By recreating and delivering rich cutaneous sensations, these displays open up new possibilities for sensory experiences. Join us for this workshop, where experts will explore the opportunities and challenges of multisensory cutaneous displays through talks, demonstrations, and panel discussions. Learn about the science and hardware development behind these displays, as well as their practical applications. Engage in discussions with experts, experience cutting-edge demonstrations, and explore the future of research and development in this exciting field!

LYNETTE JONES, Senior Research Scientist, IEEE Fellow, Massachusetts of Technology
HSIN-NI HO, Associate Professor, Kyushu University

ALLISON OKAMURA, Professor, Stanford University
PEDRO LOPES, Associate Professor, University of Chicago
JIN RYONG KIM, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
YASEMIN VARDAR, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)