The Second Event by Geiko Supporter! We had a BBQ in Uminonakamichi!!!

Following the previous welcome party, the second international event organized by the Geiko Supporters took place at Uminonakamichi, where we had a barbecue! There were 16 participants, including 5 Geiko Supporters, and students from various nationalities joined the event.

In the morning, we played dodgeball and other mini-games, which helped to create good conversation within the teams. Each country had its own rules for dodgeball, and some participants were playing it for the first time, but everyone had fun teaching and learning from each other. The competition got intense towards the end. Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement, I ended up with sore muscles the next day!

During the barbecue, we divided ourselves into four groups to ensure a diverse mix of nationalities. We shared delicious food while also exchanging information about our own cultures and attractions. It was a meaningful time for everyone, regardless of whether they were proficient or struggling with English or Japanese – the communication was impressive, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed various activities at Uminonakamichi, including cycling, visiting a flower park, and exploring an animal forest. Despite the scorching weather, we had a great time, taking breaks in between to enjoy shaved ice and cool down.

On the bus ride back, everyone was exhausted and dozed off, which speaks to how much fun we had throughout the day.

In the post-event survey, every participant responded that they had a fantastic time. Just like the previous welcome party, it received high praise. We are currently planning for many more events in the future. If you want to make new friends, we encourage you to join us without hesitation. Information about our events can be found on our SNS, student portal, or the Geiko Global website. Whether it’s your first time attending an international event or you’re a regular, we guarantee that everyone will have a great time, as the Geiko Supporters are fully committed to providing fun and support!

About the writer
Kana Kusumi
I am a master’s first-year student in the Acoustic Design Course at the Graduate School of Design. I am learning English and Danish to study abroad in Denmark after graduation. Since becoming a Geiko student supporter, I enjoy interacting with various international students. If you have any problems with the language, please let me know! I can help to translate or be your interpreter!