【Student Award】 “teamLab Award” and “Sakura Internet Award” at IVRC2023 SEED STAGE

《RadiantVR: Immersive Heat Experience》 a VR work by Hikaru Hamada (Tomotari Lab) and Taisei Omine (Tsuruno Lab), both second-year master’s students in the Media Design Course, received the teamLab Award and “Sakura Internet Award” at the IVRC2023 SEED STAGE.
The VRC (Interverse Virtual Reality Challenge) is a competition sponsored by the Virtual Reality Society of Japan that aims to “challenge the unspoken something”.
Hamada and Omine’s VR work was highly evaluated for its ability to experience the relationship between the experience in virtual reality and real physical sensations (warmth). They will also be selected for the LEAP STAGE and advance to the hands-on judging session within the Science Agora on November 18-19 (Tokyo).