Objects Stand Still – Ideas Don’t

Join us on a tour through Kyushu University Museum on Sunday March 3rd, 2-4pm

This guided tour gives insights into the inner workings of Kyushu University Museum from the viewpoints of artists and designers of the School of Design of Kyushu University. With playful approaches to knowledge production and communication, participants are offered to discover Kyushu University Museum, the building, and its inner life, from top to bottom, along the corridors, through untold histories and marginal stories. The daily routine of a museum collection, such as practices of classifying, conserving, and displaying the material traces of the past, will be studied by means of leftovers and residue.

Tour Program:
Look More Closely
by Mina Shamohammadi
Discover Kyushu University Museum on a ‘treasure hunt’ tour through its different floors and departments! Mina Shamohammadi will guide you on your hunt and share with you some of the museum’s micro-histories, untold stories, and little-known curiosities.

they sent me somewhere
by Tim Bartel and Hinako Takita
What has been wiped away, torn down, painted over in Kyushu University Museum, has far from disappeared. Take, for example, the layers of past attributions of meaning and classifications, and the traces of acts of care to the building and the objects it stores that are usually overlooked. To discover, recreate, re-present and re-evaluate such residue of yearlong museum work is what this project aims to do.

Meanwhile, our attention might shift to questions regarding the benefit of a historical collection: how value is ascribed to the collected objects, and how a collection of objects stands for a collection of ideas. Unlike objects, ideas don’t stand still, and we cannot possibly know today how invaluable our object collections will be in the future.

Schedule: March 3rd 
2:00pm Look More Closely by Mina Shamohammadi
3:00pm Coffee break
3.30pm they sent me somewhere by Tim Bartel and Hinako Takita

This event is hosted by Design in Japan C (Curating Japanese Art and Design)
Language: English
Meeting point: Main gate of Hakozaki Satellite Campus at 2pm

Please sign up here:

The Kyushu University Museum,
6-10-1, Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8581

By Municipal Subway
15-minute ride from Hakata Station, or 25-minute ride from Fukuoka-kuko (Fukuoka Airport) Station.
Get off at Hakozaki-kyudaimae, and walk about 10 minutes.

By JR Line
8-minute ride from Hakata Station.
Get off at Hakozaki Station, and walk 10 minutes.

*Access from the subway station is more convenient.