[News and Stories by Geiko’s student] Undergraduate Exhibition & Poster Session: Media Design Course

The Media Design course, School of Design covers studies such as video creation, video games, photography, and software development combined with interactive hardware robotics. Students develop a variety of skills over four years. At the end of the fourth year, students hold an exhibition and presentation of their final-year projects.

The fourth-year exhibition is held so that students can put into practice professionally all the knowledge acquired through years of study. This exhibition presents a specific media design research topic chosen by each student, which, in addition to being physically exhibited alongside a poster explaining its realization, is also presented orally.

Like every year, the exhibition features a wide variety of projects, and this year was no exception. The exhibition took place on February 15 and 16, respectively. On the first day, each student gave an individual oral presentation of their final project to an audience consisting of guests, faculty, and other students, while the second day was dedicated to the exhibition of posters distributed in three different buildings on campus according to their type and development, showcasing visual and/or interactive projects. Various projects were exhibited, including cinematographic analysis, art, visual literacy studies, and video games, among others.

Such projects and exhibitions greatly inspire not only the students to showcase the results of their knowledge and skills, but also the attendees to recognize the school’s capacity to take teaching to impressive levels, as well as the high-knowledge faculty members with effective methods for integral development. The ultimate goal is to apply all this knowledge to social development and assistance through new technologies and individual ideas.

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Hector Alejandro Palomo Reyes
Graduate School of Design
Media Design Course