[News and Stories by Geiko’s student] Undergraduate Exhibition & Poster Sessions: Environmental Design Course

Environmental design is based on the principle of the symbiosis between humans and the environment and is about considering the relationship between them and making concrete proposals.

In order to respond to recent issues such as ecology, sustainability, resources, cultural heritage, globalization, regional revitalization, and landscape, students will gather and consider knowledge from multiple perspectives regarding technology, people, society, and nature, and acquire creative environmental design skills which enable them to design architecture, cities, regions, and landscapes with an artistic flair.

In the Environmental Design course, students will acquire the ability to propose specific spaces that can achieve a sustainable society and the practical skills to achieve mechanisms and organizations based on usage, function, beauty, and comfort while considering various conditions.

In their final year, students will exhibit their design projects which represent the culmination of their years of education and training. This exhibition allows them to display their creativity, skills, and understanding of architectural and environmental principles. It also serves as a celebration of the accomplishments of the graduation class. Moreover, the exhibition marks the end of their academic journey and provides an opportunity for them to reflect on their growth and development. There is also a feedback and critique session that provides a platform for receiving feedback and critique from faculty professors. This feedback is valuable for students to improve their work and further development on their design skills.

The final year architectural exhibition featured diverse themes and styles that approach architecture, urban and landscape design. Each exhibit offered a unique perspective on architectural challenges and opportunities, addressing issues such as environmental sustainability, social equity, cultural preservation, and technological integration.

This exhibition is expressed as a platform for inspiration, education, networking, and shaping the future of architects, landscape designers, researchers, etc.

About the writer
Hello! My name is Su Yadanar Kyi from Myanmar. I am a Year 1 Master’s student in the Environmental Design Course. I am thrilled to be an author for the university website. My articles aim to share valuable insights, inspire readers, and showcase our university’s vibrant academic and extracurricular opportunities. I invite you to explore campus life, celebrate achievements, and delve into the diverse perspectives within our university community.