Graduate, Yuki Totsuka, selected to play the lead role in the latest Ultraman film, Ultraman Ark.

Last year’s graduate of the Department of Art and Information Design, School of Design, Yuki Totsuka (Tomotari Lab.) will play the lead role in the latest Ultraman TV series, Ultraman Ark.
Totsuka’s graduation research was “Achievements and issues in the exhibition practice of ‘visual theatre'”. According to Totsuka, “There was a slight overlap with the theme of this film, ‘The Power of Imagination’, and I tried to shoot the film while remembering what was discussed in the seminars at the Tomotari Lab.”.
The film will be broadcast on July 6, 2024 (Sat) from 9:00 am on TV on Teletext stations, and at the same time it will be distributed on YouTube and other platforms.