Aiming to Build Networks Through the Geiko International Reunion

The Geiko International Office organized the Geiko International Reunion, which aimed to build a network with our international students who graduated from the School of Design and the Graduate School of Design on March 18th, 2024. We have organized a reunion for our international alumni through a hybrid online and face-to-face format, to connect with each other. Our current students were also invited to join this networking session.

We have a total of 16 alumni participating in this reunion (online and face-to-face) from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, United Kingdom, as well as 5 faculty members and 14 students from the Graduate School of Design.

In this reunion, we shared with the alumni our internationalization efforts and our flagship program, “The International Program”, for undergraduate students. Also, three of our alumni teaching at universities in Japan and overseas were invited to share their student exchange programs and joint research experiences. After this sharing, we have a discussion to look into the issues, values and possibilities of student exchanges between Kyushu University and overseas universities. Our current students also shared their views and questions. Despite the hybrid format of the event, participants asked questions such as “How do you run your study abroad program?”, “When do you have a student exchange program in your country?”, “When is a good time for student exchange in your country?” and advice for current students on working as teachers abroad.

This reunion is an opportunity for alumni and teachers to develop new relationships and meet familiar faces. Hence, the atmosphere is relaxed, making it easy for everyone to share their views. As a result, the discussion was constructive and fruitful.

Though it is not enough to deepen alumni networking in a single event, the Faculty of Design will continue to build these ongoing relationships with alumni students to foster an international culture on the Ohashi campus.

Geiko International Reunion 2024

Date and time: March 18, 2024, 16:00-18:00
Number of Participants: 35 (21 face-to-face, 14 online)
Introduction of the Current School of Design and Graduate School of Design
Opening and Self-introduction
Introduction of the Geiko International Office, Minako IKEDA
Geiko International Program, LOH Wei Leong
Sharing the Current Situation and Program by Alumni
Iyad ALSABOUNI, American University in Dubai, UAE
YU Jun, Niigata University, JAPAN
Titis WIJAYANTO, Gadjah Mada University, INDONESIA
Challenges faced and possibility of student exchanges

Kyushu University Faculty of Design,
International Office,
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