Design in Japan

“Design in Japan” is a course that started in 2020 where professors from diverse specialized fields would each introduce Japanese design from their respective points of view. Such fields included architecture, sound, art, and media. There are few opportunities like this for learning design from such a wide variety of fields.

The course’s aims were to impart a wide range of knowledge concerning Japanese design, deepen relations with international students, and boost English proficiency. It featured a variety of perspectives unique to the Kyushu University Faculty of Design. This included the universal design of Japanese public spaces, manga semiotics that fully utilize multimedia, and Japanese aesthetics that have remained unbroken since the Jomon period.

41 students joined in 2020 (46 including auditors), coming from the following 12 countries and regions: Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Brazil, and France. The entire course was done in English. The students enthusiastically conducted their group discussions and presentations in English.

For more information, please visit KID NEXT, a website provided by the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University.

International Office Faculty of Design, Kyushu University