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無意識の連鎖 -都市体験を表出させる建築-

Release date :2021.02.12


Department of Environmental Design *Department (during time of creation)

Graduation Research

Fourth year of undergraduate

(during time of creation)

We feel like looking at something in the city such as sky, cars or buildings when we walk around the city. But I guess this happens unconsciously. So I think that “the experiences of city” is recognitions a lot unconsciously.
This project started a point how we can make architecture by making “the experiences of city.” I set the cites making architectures at Tenjin in Fukuoka. Fukuoka has a problem of remaking buildings because there are a lot of old buildings. And they are in a dense cite. So I plan shopping buildings in lower of high office buildings. I guess “the experiences of city” can be architectures.