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The Kyushu Institute of Design was the first university of its kind to offer a unique program to promote excellence in design education and research when it opened its doors in 1968. The Institute’s innovative mission focused on the “Humanization of Technology” to overcome the social problems, environmental pollution, and ecological damage that created health and lifestyle issues during the rapid economic expansion in Japan during the 1960s and 70s. The aim of the humanization of technology has changed to cope with technology as it has evolved over the years, but the Institute continues to provide an unparalleled curriculum, advanced facilities, and resourceful educators to foster high-level designers and producers to improve society. The Institute merged with Kyushu University, Kyushu’s largest national university in October 2003 to the benefit of both institutions.

The humanization of technology concept continues to be the focus of the School of Design and the Graduate School of Design even after merging with Kyushu University. At the turn of the 20th century where technological innovations considerably shaped and consistently molded our living environment, however, numerous novel problems and unanticipated concerning issues will continue to plague human beings. To successfully challenge these imminent problems and issues, we aim to raise students’ awareness and develop designers that can and will solve these contemporary issues based on the concept of the humanization of technology.

The School of Design and Graduate School of Design have cutting-edge facilities, a unique curriculum, and a visionary teaching staff that combines human studies, social and natural sciences, and artistic sense to foster students with extensive knowledge and the ability to enhance our world for the benefit of society and human welfare.

When the Kyushu Institute of Design was established there were no professional designers who could imagine the essential solutions needed for the existing problems. Those professional designers coined the term “missing technician” from the hypothetical intermediate evolutionary form of man and ape as the missing link essential for society. The mission of the Institute has always been to raise students’ design awareness through trial and error and active participation in society to fill the missing technician void.

We are looking for students with a dream, a strong spirit to challenge, and the motivation to acquire the knowledge to contribute to a better society in the 21st century.

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Faculty of Design Graduate School of Design School of Design/Dean, ISHIMURA SHINICHI