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Parasitic media slope

Release date :2022.02.21


Environmental Design Course (Undergraduate) Department of Environmental Design *Department (during time of creation)

Graduation Research

Fourth year of undergraduate

(during time of creation)

Nagasaki has established a unique culture of Japanese and Western eclecticity as the only place where trade is permitted since the time of isolation, with a landscape rich in nature surrounded by mountains and harbors. The original scenery overlooking the hill is known as one of the most scenic spots in Japan. However, due to the problems of aging and population decline, the number of vacant houses has increased in Nagasaki, and along with this, the original scenery of Nagasaki has begun to be lost due to the survival crisis of the historic Western-style building on the hill and the decrease in the light of the slopes in the night view. It’s starting.
Therefore, in this design, we proposed to solve the problem of Nagasaki by using the infrastructure infrastructure (inclined elevator called Glover Sky Road) existing on the site and to add value to the sloped land again.
As a morphological operation, the slope was made more diverse and redundant by changing the treads of the stairs and the height of the rise. Also, by changing the angle of the wall, the way of cutting out the landscape was changed at each altitude.
As a program, a traditional performing arts hall, a library, and a private space were arranged to make the landscape and activities related.
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