Student Works

Think,Make,Try -STEAM教育のための学校再編成-

Release date :2021.02.12

BABA Hiroko

Department of Environmental Design *Department (during time of creation)

Graduation Research

Fourth year of undergraduate

(during time of creation)

This project looks into designing an elementary school that caters for STEAM education to foster abilities to solve real-world problems using design thinking. The target for this design is Akasaka Elementary School in Fukuoka City. The programs for lower, middle and upper grades are scaffolded into stages to correspond to the five processes of design thinking so that students can solve local problems through design. Rather than the conventional composition of regular classrooms and special classrooms, the current design focuses on student-centred teaching and learning processes related to STEAM. Thus, necessary educational spaces are elicited based on the abilities to be acquired and the expected course of actions by students during each learning process; and configured the educational spaces according to the programs. The goal is to create a school with learning spaces that closely support learning activities related to STEAM education.