Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.02.10

Deliver surprise and conviction to the world with sensitivity and logical thinking

FUJITA Yoshiko

Suntory Communications Ltd./Design Department

  • 2005 Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, School of Design
  • 2005 – 2007 DRAFT Inc.
  • 2007 – Suntory Communications Ltd./Design Department
Related department, course
  • Media Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Department of Visual Communication Design

My current job

I am currenly involved in user insight research, concept creation, product design, graphic design, and copywriting in product development for beverages. Recently, besides packaged beverages, development for "drinking styles" to meet various needs that have diversified over time has increased; UX and UI design have also been added to the business. The number of international projects is increasing, and creatives are being transmitted to the world.

How I spent my student life

Since I was a student, I have been interested in visualizing concepts, and undertook creating works from initial concept to finished product. Also, having experienced many drinking scenes, I learned a lot about the joys of drinking with people, and I think that has been very useful to my life as a working adult even now. At university, there are many opportunities to collaborate and make something with people across departments and grades. Working with people who are interested in creatives across various fields has been extremely stimulating.

Message for prospective students

In the Faculty of Design, you can experience and study a very wide range of subjects from mathematical physics to sculpture. Creative work out in the world requires logical as well as artistic thinking, so a wide range of experiences and knowledge is useful. Try out various things you find interesting during your student years. What you learn will surely be useful when you enter society.