Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.02.10

Finding the root of the problem through observations and interviews, shaping a human-centered future.


Contextual Research unit, Vision Design Department, Global Center for Social Innovation, Hitachi, Ltd.

  • 2017 Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, School of Design
  • 2019 Completed the Master’s Program at the Department of Design Strategy, Graduate School of Design
  • 2019 – Present Contextual Research unit, Vision Design Department, Global Center for Social Innovation, Hitachi, Ltd.
Related department, course
  • Industrial Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Design Futures Course(Undergraduate)
  • Design Futures Course(Graduate)
  • Department of Industrial Design
  • Department of Design Strategy

My current job

In life and work, there exists culture and activities that people have built up. In my job, I analyze issues and people's behavior through interviews and field observations, and work with customers to think of new services and mechanisms. Every day, we explore essential issues and how the future should be in order to propose what users really want. Furthermore, in some cases we can provoke discussion and visualize what has previously been formless. Fundamentally, we spend full days working and having meetings in offices and branch offices, but we also often visit domestic and overseas clients, and conduct field surveys such as interviews and observations.

How I spent my student life

I also actively took part in extra-curricular activities, such as school festivals, exhibitions, and long-term internships. Furthermore, there were many international students, and because there were many international projects on campus, I regularly took part in these cultural exchanges. The time I encountered Dutch exchange students was particularly memorable. Teaming up with a student from China, I managed to reach a proposal with the support of my teacher, and the learning I gained through collaborative thinking was huge.

Message for prospective students

Times are changing relentlessly, and new occupations that didn't exist before continue to spring up one after another. Even my job was something I couldn't have imagined in my future when I graduated from high school, let alone up till a little while ago. As there are some jobs you will never encounter without jumping into a new field and focusing on a particular specialty, seek out environments where there are people who can add depth to your own passions.