Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.12.07

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NAGATA Kazuhiro

SEGA CORPORATION Fabrication R&D Dept. Design Sec.

  • 2015 Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, School of Design
  • 2017 Finished the Master's Program at the Department of Design Strategy, Graduate School of Design
  • 2017 - Present SEGA CORPORATION Fabrication R&D Dept. Designer
Related department, course
  • Strategic Design Course(Graduate)
  • Industrial Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Department of Industrial Design
  • Department of Design Strategy

My current job

I design chassis for arcade games such as crane and medal games, which are mainly located in game centers. I think about the overall structure and operation of the game from the idea stage. My job has a lot to do with the feeling of playing the game and its impression. Basically, a designer is in charge of a single title, so it's a big responsibility and very rewarding.

How I spent my student life

In addition to studying design, I just played as hard as I could (laughs). My professor told me that "doing things that can only be experienced in college is important for design," so I just did what I thought would be fun and dedicated myself to it. In Geiko, I often collaborated with people with diverse skills in video, lighting and sound to create something. The perspectives I gained and the lessons I learned from that experience are still very useful for my ideas and design conceptualization today.

Messages for prospective students

I think the Industrial Design Course is a place where you can learn to think of ideas, make proposals, and solve problems. There are many non-designer jobs that required such skills as well. I recommend this course to both those who want to become a designer and those who don't!