Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.12.07

Work that brings freedom on the move


DENSO TEN limited. Innovation development center

  • 2017 Graduated from the Department of Acoustic Design, School of Design
  • 2019 Finished the Master's Program in the Content and Creative Design Course at the Department of Design, Graduate School of Design
  • 2019 - Present DENSO TEN limited. Innovation development center
Related department, course
  • Design Futures Course(Graduate)
  • Acoustic Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Department of Acoustic Design
  • Content and Creative Design Course

My current job

Currently, it is said that the automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century change due to the development of autonomous driving technology and other factors. In this context, I am involved in a business in the field of "connectedness," where cars are constantly connected to the Internet. I plan and design systems that collect big data from cars using AI, and create new services based on the collected big data.

How I spent my student life

I was interested in music and sound, so I enrolled in the Department of Acoustic Design. After that, for graduate school, I joined the laboratory of the Department of Industrial Design. The reasons are that I wanted to be able to see the world from a broad perspective and that I needed to learn design thinking that would lead to problem-solving. As a result, I feel that being able to study two fields has broadened my horizons and added depth to my current work and life. Beyond academics, meeting people with various personalities at Geiko festival and other events has become a part of me, and my friendship with them still stays strong to this day.

Messages for prospective students

At the School of Design, you will meet many unique people with different values. Through these encounters, you will learn to see things in a more flexible way, which is an invaluable asset. If enriching one's life is the essence of learning, then the School of Design is the best place to learn. I hope that you will meet various people, experiences and knowledge in this school. Please study and do your best.