Student Works


Release date :2021.02.12


Department of Environmental Design *Department (during time of creation)

Graduation Research

Fourth year of undergraduate

(during time of creation)

The Seibu Otsu Shopping Center, designed by Kiyonori Kikutake in 1976, is going to be destroyed.
He turned the emergency stairs, which is usually a negative element, into a beauty of form by placing them excessively. However, the emergency never came and the stairs were never used by people.
I reinterpret and expand this excessive and useless staircases system in Seibu Otsu Shopping Center. I designed new buildings adjacent to the part of the original structure and reconstructed space of stairs that is connected to people’s activities. Thus, I convert the original architecture to the shopping and apartment complex. This is a project to change the “emergency staircases” into an “daily staircases”.