Student Works


Release date :2021.02.12

UEDA Haruka

Department of Environmental Design *Department (during time of creation)

Graduation Research

Fourth year of undergraduate

(during time of creation)

I designed a work space with a day care center to support the work life of the child-rearing generation.The subject site is located in Kasuga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, a bedroom community in the Fukuoka metropolitan area. The purpose of this project is to solve the problem that there are few workspaces in Kasuga City where people can work with their children in a residential area.The main functions of this facility will be a day care center and a work space, but it will also provide a meal service for parents. By doing so, it will support the three elements of life: raising children, working, and eating.The goal is to create a facility that will serve as an oasis where the child-rearing generation, busy with childcare and work, can relax, even if only for a moment.