Student Works

Temptation (Grand Prize, Architecture Student Workshop Meiji Jingu 2021)

Release date :2022.05.11


Environmental Design Course (Undergraduate) Department of Environmental Design *Department (during time of creation)

Award Winning Works

Third year of undergraduate

(during time of creation)

A momentary hermitage that cuts out a moment of the eternal time axis flowing in the forest of Meiji Shrine, materializes it, and then fleetingly disappears.

Hosokawa paper is pasted over the free-form surface created by hanging a net from a tree in Meiji Shrine. By utilizing natural mechanical principles such as the catenary structure and the hardening action of starch paste, the architectural structure was realized using only Japanese paper without any reinforcement or support materials.
The foliage, made of only two natural materials, washi paper and starch paste, will eventually return to the soil when exposed to rain and wind, without defying the laws of nature.

Kotaro Fusano (junior, Meiji University), Makitaro Abe (sophomore, University of Shiga Prefecture), Nansei Yamada (sophomore, Kanto Gakuin University)

Toyo Ito (Architect, Toyo Ito & Associates)
Nobuyuki Ota (Chairman of the Executive Committee, Japan Fashion Week Organization)
Akira Tatehata (Art Critic, President of Tama Art University)
Kenmei NAGAOKA (Design Activist, Director of D&DEPARTMENT)
Nanjo Fumio (Art Critic / Special Advisor, Mori Art Museum)
Hirotomo Maeda (Senior Writer, Mainichi Newspapers)
Taro Igarashi (Architectural Historian, Critic, Professor at Tohoku University)
Masahiro INAYAMA (Structural Engineer, Professor, The University of Tokyo) 
Tetsuya Emura (Structural Engineer, Arup Structural Engineers)
Shunsuke Kurakata (Architectural Historian, Associate Professor, Osaka City University)
Mikio Koshihara (Structural Engineer, Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Masayuki Sakurai (President, Asahi Building Wall) 
Jun Sato (Structural Engineer, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Ryuichi Ashizawa (Architect, Professor, University of Shiga Prefecture)
Shuhei Endo (Architect)
Yoshiji Takehara (Architect, Visiting Professor, Kobe Design University)
Naoyuki Osada (Associate Professor, Nara Women’s University)
Akihisa Hirata (Architect, Professor, Kyoto University)
Takahiro Hiranuma (Architect) 
Sousuke Fujimoto (Architect, Sousuke Fujimoto Architects) 
Noboru Yasui (Architect, President, Sakura Design Group)
Miki Yasuhara (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Shunsuke Yokoyama (Architect, Visiting Professor, Osaka City University)
Yasutaka Yoshimura (Architect, Professor at Waseda University)

What is an architecture student workshop?
The purpose of the architecture workshop is for students majoring in architecture and environmental design to leave the campus and create actual works rooted in the locality of the place under the guidance of lecturers, mainly architects who are active in Japan and abroad.In the environment of a precious and irreplaceable sanctuary in Japan, we will be sharing classic construction methods with local architects, builders, carpenters, engineers, and craftsmen, and will be working with leading Japanese architectural engineering firms, Japan’s leading architectural design firms, many construction companies, and architectural and engineering firms to create a collaboration of engineers. The workshop will be an unprecedented new attempt to realize small architectural structures that allow full-scale spatial experience and public presentations to the general public, with the cooperation of many local and regional people. This is a “residential architectural workshop with a camp for university students from all over the country.