Messages from Current Students

Release date:2024.03.22

Bridging practical experience to social design


Human Life Design and Science Course(Graduate)
  • Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Ayabe High School/
  • Graduated from the Department of Architecture, School of Engineering, Kansai University/
  • Finished the Master's Program at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology/
  • Entered the Department of Design, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University in 2022/
Related department, course
  • Human Life Design and Science Course (Graduate)

The reason why I chose the Graduate School of Design

I am a student studying in the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Design while working as a specially appointed faculty member at the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Maizuru College after serving as an officer at the Ministry of of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for for 11 years. At the college, I mainly work on building practical education systems to cultivate infrastructure maintenance personnel in the field of civil engineering, develop and operate education programs, and engage in research aimed at realizing citizen-cooperative infrastructure management. At the Graduate School of Design, interdisciplinary research is being conducted from a design perspective, and I was attracted to the opportunity to engage in social design research based on practical experience.

My most memorable class

Because I'm in the doctoral program, I am only taking required subjects related to academic writing and direct research guidance. However, outside of class, I had the opportunity to participate in the Global Design Project, which brings together design university students from six countries. My first global online collaboration was very challenging, but it was a valuable experience to connect with excellent students from overseas.

My student life

As I live in Maizuru City, Kyoto, I mainly study online, but I visit the Ohashi campus, Kyushu University, once a month for seminars and research supervision in person. Normally, I conduct on my research between work, housework, and childcare. When I come to Fukuoka, I enjoy my valuable time as a student, interacting with young friends and having meetings with my supervisors.

Message to prospective students

As a working adult student of a different age and with a career, I feel the power to transform society and create the future through the activities and research conducted on the Ohashi campus, where the Graduate School of Design is located. As an engineering graduate, I have always hoped to study arts. Please come to a place where you can learn art and engineering in an integrated manner.