Messages from Current Students

Release date:2024.03.22

Days captivated by research, expression, and the pursuit of knowledge


Media Design Course(Graduate)
  • Graduated from Kagoshima Prefectural Kajiki High School/
  • Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, School of Design, Kyushu University/
  • Entered the Media Design Course, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University in 2023/
Related department, course
  • Media Design Course (Undergraduate)
  • Media Design Course (Graduate)

The reason why I chose the Graduate School of Design

Originally, I had planned to start working after completing my undergraduate studies. However, I found significant value and potential in the research I worked on during my undergraduate years. This led me to desire more time to invest in and engage with my research. Therefore, I decided to continue my studies at the master's level. As a master's student, I have had the opportunity to present my research at academic conferences and open campuses. The lectures and courses offered are more specialized compared to my undergraduate studies, further developing my thinking abilities and providing more opportunities for free expression. I find this highly challenging and rewarding.

My most memorable class

"Advanced Plastic Arts" (lecture: Professor Mikako Tomotari), which I took in the first semester of my first year as a master's student, left a particularly strong impression on me. In this class, we looked at the topic of art and creativity from various angles—not only from the perspectives of art history and modern art trends but also from biological, sociological, and philosophical approaches. I remember it as an engaging and enlightening time. Additionally, we had lots of experiential opportunities, such as actual human figure drawing and creating our own works of art in our final projects. We were able to obtain comprehensive knowledge, ranging from practical information for creation to self-development. I think of it as a highly satisfying class that allowed me to engage earnestly with expression.

My student life

During my undergraduate years, I held roles such as the vice president of a creative club with over 100 members and a leader in a creative circle organized by student volunteers. I also participated in projects such as creating pictograms for the World Aquatics Championships Fukuoka 2023. Since becoming a master's student, I have deepened my exchange of knowledge by regularly holding independent seminars with my seniors from the same lab and conducting study groups where each of us shares topics we find interesting. On the side, in my personal time, I push forward with individual creative activities centered around the production of still images and animations. I am leading a fulfilling life both inside and outside the university. Master's students have more free time compared to undergraduate students, and as long as your objectives are clear, this can lead to a very meaningful and enriching life.

Message to prospective students

The Faculty of Design is brimming with individuals from various specialist fields, hobbies, and experiences. There is no doubt that it is a place where you can receive vast amounts of inspiration from many people, whether they are professors or students. This is my personal view, but I believe that there is no better interdisciplinary environment for those who are interested in logical, philosophical, and mathematical thinking, along with artistic expression. If you have an interest in various designs and forms of expression, I encourage you to consider this interdisciplinary area of "Design" positively. I promise that you will find a thirst for knowledge and a student life that is exciting and far beyond your imagination.