Messages from Current Students

Release date:2024.03.22

I want to surpass my limits and discover a new world of academia


Media Design Course(Graduate)
  • Graduated from the Deparment of Public Management, School of Economics and Management, Harbin Engineering University/
  • Finished the Master's Program at the Department of Animation Art, Graduate School of Animation And Digital Arts, Communication University Of China/
  • Entered the Doctoral Program at the Department of Design, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University in 2022/
Related department, course
  • Media Design Course (Undergraduate)
  • Media Design Course (Graduate)

The reason why I chose the Graduate School of Design

I have loved art, such as painting and music since I was little. Also, in my university days, I became interested in IT after helping my friend with some IT tasks. From then on, I began to wonder what would happen in a field that combines art and IT, and where the limits of art and technology might be. This led me to pursue my studies at the Graduate School of Design.

My most memorable class

The discussions in the research lab were the most memorable to me. While listening to the research presentations of other students, I realized that there are various challenges in the world. I find a strong attraction in the process where everyone in the lab continues to explore, improve one by one, and get closer to the door of truth in order to solve these challenges. The discussions were full of excitement.

My student life

I'm a working student, so I usually go to the research lab after finishing my work. I feel like I’m leading a luxurious life enjoying the beautiful scenery of four seasons at the Ohashi Campus. I also love the campus as various events are always held, which has broadened my perspective!

Message to prospective students

I believe it's important to take the application and examination processes seriously.