Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.02.10

Confronting issues in companies and society, making change through the power of ideas.


DENTSU INC. Creative Planning Division 1 Copywriter

  • 2006 Graduated from Department of Art and Information Design, School of Design
  • 2008 Completed the Master's Program at the Department of Design, Graduate School of Design
  • Joined DENTSU INC. in 2008. Taking charge of advertising communication for various companies as copywriter. Working on environmental and SDGs projects by making use of my knowledge and experience.
Related department, course
  • Media Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Media Design Course(Graduate)
  • Content and Creative Design Course
  • Department of Art and Information Design

My current job

I am in charge of advertising communications for various companies, with a focus on advertising slogans and planning for TV commercials. I set targets for product sales or corporate image enhancement, and together with a team for each project we come up with appropriate communication methods, and what and how to communicate to whom. The photo is a still from a promotional video for the Kyoto University Wildlife Research Center. I also handle branding for universities, not just companies.

How I spent my student life

I loved Studio Ghibli movies, and I wanted to create videos that would remain in people's hearts, so I entered the Department of Art and Information Design. Besides my class assignments, I was completely immersed in video production together with my seniors and juniors during my student life. To this day I cannot forget the excitement of showing my own video at an event for the first time, and the sense of accomplishment of having made this through trial and error with everyone. The happiness I felt at the time continues to be an important asset for my work today.

Message for prospective students

Once when I was in charge of a TV commercial for a particular product, it so happened that the product had been developed by a senior at university who I'd been indebted to. Due to my line of work, I associate with various companies, and often meet acquaintances from university days at work. The School of Design has many unique and interesting people. Correspondingly, there are many paths depending on the person. Go and meet all kinds of people, and find your own dream. I think 4 years in university will change anyone's life.