Alumni Messages

Release date:2020.12.07

May you receive the "good sound" that colors your daily life


Audio-Technica Co., Ltd

  • 2018 Graduated from the Department of Acoustic Design, School of Design
  • 2018 - Present Audio-Technica Co.,Ltd. Product Development Div. Home Listening Development Dept.
Related department, course
  • Acoustic Design Course(Undergraduate)
  • Department of Acoustic Design

My current job

I am responsible for the design and development of home audio equipment. Specifically, I am involved in the development of record player needles and other audio accessories to improve the sound. I don't just look at the performance of a product in terms of numerical values using frequency response and vibration analysis. I also decide on materials and shapes to create the sound of the product by judging the quality of the sound by relying on my own ears. I studied acoustic theory at university and had many opportunities to hone my sensitivity to sound, so all these experiences have led me to my current job. It is difficult to explain in theory what I thought was "good sound", and I still don't understand many things about it, but that is why I find it so interesting. I will continue to pursue sound through product development!

How I spent my student life

During my time as a student, I was not only academically involved but also in clubs. I was exposed to sound as a performer in the Parlor Music club, and I learned how to use basic sound equipment and create a space to make good sounds in the Live Sound Backstage Club. My experiences at that time have been useful in evaluating sound at work. As the class size was small, we were all friends...we were like family, beyond friends, and we all worked hard together on tests and research.

Messages for prospective students

Acoustics is a highly specialized field, and I don't think there is a better place to learn about it than at the School of Design. Also, since people with similar ambitions come together, we share similar ideas and common interests in music and sound, which makes us feel at home and filled with happy memories. I still keep in touch with many of my classmates, seniors, juniors, and teachers. It is very reassuring to have a place where I can talk to them about acoustics when I am stuck in a job. If you are thinking of entering the university, I hope you will cherish the relationships with people and spend your university life with them.