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forest pathway

Release date :2022.08.03


Environmental Design Course (Undergraduate) Department of Environmental Design Environmental Design Course (Graduate) Department of Design Strategy *Department (during time of creation)

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First year of Master

(during time of creation)

“When walking in the forest, many trunks block the line of sight. We are worried about the future. The forest that spreads ahead moves little by little. We are impressed by the scenery.” It creates a walking experience on the connecting bridge. As I walked along the forest path, I noticed that the trunks of the trees around the experiencer emphasized the scenery behind them. By expressing a series of trunks on the glass wall of the connecting passage, it gives movement to the landscape spreading in the back and creates a relationship between people and landscape. A forest road that floats in the air 7 meters above the ground. It is a passage that looks at the future of the city.