Messages from Current Students

Release date:2024.03.22

I am aiming to earn a doctoral degree in acoustical engineering remotely as a working professional


Acoustic Design Course(Graduate)
  • Graduated from Ehime Prefectual Matsuyama Minami High School/
  • Graduated from Department of Acoustic Design, School of Design, Kyushu University/
  • Finished the Master's Program at the Communication Design Science Course, Department of Design, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University/
  • Entered the Doctoral Program of the Department of Design, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University in 2022/
Related department, course
  • Acoustic Design Course (Undergraduate)
  • Acoustic Design Course (Graduate)

The reason why I chose the Graduate School of Design

I became interested in guitar when I was in junior high school, and in high school, I performed in my own band and in a lighthearted music club, which sparked my interest in music and sound. I had relatives living in Fukuoka and thought it would be easy to live alone, so I was considering studying at Kyushu University. Among the options, I found the School of Design, where I could study sound, which led me to choose it. After studying for six years at the undergraduate and master's level, I joined a company. After five years of work experience, I enrolled in a doctoral program for working adults. There were opportunities to meet professors and staff of Geiko at conferences even after getting a job and I felt a connection with them. Also, even after entering society, I felt that this place that deals with world-class acoustical engineering technology was a deciding factor in my decision to apply for the doctoral program.

My most memorable class

The classes "Technical Listening Training" and "Sound Recording and Creation" from my undergraduate years are particularly memorable. In "Technical Listening Training", we learned to distinguish between different sound levels and pitches, effectively cultivating an understanding of sound. In "Sound Recording and Creation", we learned from a recording engineer and had firsthand experiences recording and playing back a wide range of sounds, including musical performances and outdoor bells. Both classes provided good experience in correlating my senses with physical quantities (sound pressure level and frequency).

My student life

I live in the Kanto region and am aiming to earn a doctoral degree while working for a company. I participate in online seminars once a week, where I engage in discussions and receive advice. I am also focusing on presenting at academic conferences several times a year and writing research papers. I'm grateful for the acceptance of my diverse remote research style and feel that I'm able to achieve good learning outcomes.

Message to prospective students

I think there's no other place that offers a comprehensive education on sound and music. The world of sound is deep and fascinating to learn. Also, the environment is enjoyable because of my kind and easygoing classmates, seniors, juniors, professors, and staff. Let's work hard together to study and conduct research.