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Graduate School of Design Department of Design


The course exposes students to an original viewpoint of design engineering with the core goal of improving communication through the use of technology to enhance our life. In order to accomplish this goal, communication tools, instruments, and skills are coordinated with the ultimate objective of enhancing “mind-to-mind” and “heart-to-heart” communication. The curriculum is based on the following three concentrations as a means to reach this goal: Audio-visual Integration, Acoustic Communication, and Visual Image Communication.

This course fosters professionals who understand the contents of audiovisual communication, are well versed on the characteristic of media and communication environments, and have the ability to design all aspects of audiovisual information communication. Graduates from this course go on to contribute to wide-range of industries and fields, including information processing, image communication, broadcasting, the music industry, the medical field, and research and education, to name a few.