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This course has four key academic strategies to foster professional quality graduates. First, a focus on practical education covering diverse fields of study both domestically and internationally in order to cultivate the ability to evaluate the various heritages, and a research and education organization centered on developing students Ecapacity to support an international network for environmental and heritage design. Second, to provide students with expertise in evaluation, conservation, and heritage succession, and the skill for designing an integrated system based on architecture, landscape, and culture in order to preserve the heritage for future generations. Third, the program incorporates field work into the curriculum that promotes unique educational opportunities. The aim of the field work is to construct a sustainable relationship between the various exchanges between people and products. These exchanges are stimulated by cultural and economic differences, and the management of tourism. Through these exchanges, students gain valuable experience about the relationship of the environmental and heritage designs. Finally, the curriculum includes overseas field investigations, and utilizes the skills gained during them to verify the results of these small-scale localized research projects based on Japanese environmental and heritage design and technologies to foster contributions by students on an international level through education.