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Design Course


Producing internationally-minded creatives and researchers

This course emphasizes the promotion of internationally-minded creatives and researchers that can play leading roles not only domestically but globally in fields of modern-day media technology and creative arts. With the aim for cultivating students’ theoretical and creative abilities for art and culture, the course focuses on three educational targets: (1) Rich knowledge on art, culture, and their history with a skill to apply these to modern society (2) Comprehension and practice of systematic theories of art, science, and engineering (3) Creativity for manufacturing and digital contents development.
Graduates in this course are expected to have successful careers as expert designers and researchers in various fields. Some examples of potential fields are: digital contents design (e.g. video, music, games, and graphics), industrial design (e.g. information device, automotive, and mechanics), and information design (e.g. web engineering and programming).

Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Art Theory and Practice
Name Position Field of Specialization
KOGA Toru Professor Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics,Fundamental Theory of Design
TOMOTARI Mikako Professor Sculpture, Art Studies
FUYUNO Miharu Associate Professor Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, English Education, Media and Education, Media and Language Culture
KURIYAMA Hitoshi Associate Professor Contemporary Art
NISHIDA Hiroko Associate Professor Musicology, Music Theory & Analysis, Music Culture
OSHIMA Hisao Associate Professor Dramaturgy
JAMIESON, Daryl Assistant Professor Composition, Aesthetics of Music
SOMURA Mizuki Assistant Professor Musicology, History of Japanese Music
Digital Content Design
Name Position Field of Specialization
KIM Daewoong Professor Contents Design
TSURUNO Reiji Professor Computer Graphics
Ho Hsin-Ni Associate Professor Haptics
ISHII Tatsuro Associate Professor Visual Image Expression, Enhanced Visual Image Expression
JO Kazuhiro Associate Professor Media Arts
MAKINO Yutaka Associate Professor Installation, Performance,Computer Music
MORIMOTO Yuki Associate Professor Computer Graphics
USHIAMA Taketosi Associate Professor Digital Content Environment Design
Creative Design
Name Position Field of Specialization
OGATA Yoshito Professor Industrial Design, Product Design, Science of Design, Design Method
TAKENOUCHI Kazuki Professor Mechanics design, Graphic science
KUDO Mao Assistant Professor Sign System Design, Visual Symbol
SAKOTSUBO Tomohiro Assistant Professor Public Transportation Design, Product Design, Industrial Design
TOH Kiriko Assistant Professor Web Design


Graduates in this course are expected to have successful careers as expert designers and researchers in various fields, including digital contents design, industrial design, and information design.

Main Employers
Advanced content creators
Designers/ Directors/ Planners/ Engineers (in the fields of automobiles, robotics, films, games, graphics, sound, information display, advertisement, multimedia communication, etc.)
Researchers (in the fields of science, entertainment, education, media culture, etc.)
Artists (in the fields of fine art, media art, music, etc.)

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