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Training total communication architects with expertise in audiovisual information

The course exposes students to an original viewpoint of design engineering with the core goal of improving communication through the use of technology to enhance our life. In order to accomplish this goal, communication tools, instruments, and skills are coordinated with the ultimate objective of enhancing “mind-to-mind” and “heart-to-heart” communication. The curriculum is based on the following three concentrations as a means to reach this goal: Audio-visual Integration, Acoustic Communication, and Visual Image Communication. This course fosters professionals who understand the contents of audiovisual communication, are well versed on the characteristic of media and communication environments, and have the ability to design all aspects of audiovisual information communication. Graduates from this course go on to contribute to wide-range of industries and fields, including information processing, image communication, broadcasting, the music industry, the medical field, and research and education, to name a few.


Hall Management Engineering

In the Hall Management Engineering Division of the field, students engage in practical study and research on arts management methods based on their knowledge of engineering and/or understanding of the significance of promoting culture and art.

* The educational program offered in this division is only available to students studying in the Master’s Program.


Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Acoustic Communication
Name Position Field of Specialization
KABURAGI Tokihiko Professor Speech Information Processing
KAWAHARA Kazuhiko Associate Professor Performance Evaluation of Acoustic Engineering System
MURAKAMI Yasuki Assistant Professor Auditory Information Processing
SAWAI Kenichi Assistant Professor Mathematical Engineering, Mathematical Modeling of Perception
WAKAMIYA Kohei Assistant Professor Speech Science
Audio-visual Integration
Name Position Field of Specialization
SAMEJIMA Toshiya Professor Acoustic Engineering
TAKADA Masayuki Professor Psychoacoustics, Environmental Acoustics
YAMAUCHI Katsuya Associate Professor Psychoacoustics, Noise Control Engineering
INOUE Naohisa Assistant Professor Architectural Acoustics, Computational Acoustics
Visual Image Communication
Name Position Field of Specialization
HARA Kenji Professor Visual Information Processing
INOUE Kohei Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing
ONO Naoki Associate Professor Digital Image Processing and Recognition
YOSHINAGA Yukiyasu Associate Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing
Hall Management Engineering
Name Position Field of Specialization
NAKAMURA Mia Professor Cultural Policy, Arts Management, Arts and Care, Art-based Research
OMOTO Akira Professor Applied Acoustical Engineering
NAGATSU Yuichiro Associate Professor Art Management


Communication architects who excel in all aspects of audiovisual information

Main Employers
Employees in communications and broadcasting companies
Employees in sound environment and publishing companies
Researchers and educators

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