Graduate School of Design Department of Design Strategy


Training advanced design strategists

The Department of Design Strategy consists of three concentrations: Design Business, Design and Architecture, and Design Experience.
The mission of the Design Strategy Department is to develop good judgment, creative abilities, professional designs, and provide practical experience to prepare students for the diverse coordination and orientation needed in strategically implementing their designs within the field of design business. In order to achieve this goal, the curriculum enhances four skills: the ability to integrate a wide range of designs and connect them to the planning, formulation, and implementation of projects; the ability to strategically advance a project and ensure a positive outcome; the ability to lead a project with responsibility and confidence; and the ability to quickly adapt and manage a sudden market change with a high degree of skill.

The Master’s course develops the capacity for strategic design. Specifically, the ability to propose leading edge projects, and follow through with development all the way through to implementation. This ability is backuped by robust professional knowledge and skillsets. Through the program, candidates will be trained to become professional Design Strategists, exposed to the full spectrum of design business, considering economical and social impact, as well as intellectual property, logistics and sales.

In the Doctoral programme, not are candidates design strategists in their own right, but will further develop the ability to conduct education and research, meaning that they are able to conduct education in various enterprises and institutions. Through the programme, candidates structure their unique methodology of practical design strategy and fully develop their capacity to conduct education and research.

Faculty Members

Faculty members in
Design Business
Name Position Field of Specialization
INOUE Shigeki Professor Human Centered Design
SUGIMOTO Yoshitaka Professor Product Design, Industrial Design
TAMURA Ryoichi Professor Design Systems, Design Management
AKITA Naoshige Associate Professor Interior Design, Interior Product Design, Science of Design, Inclusive Design
ASO Tsukasa Associate Professor Intellectual Property Law
MATSUMAE Akane Associate Professor Social Psychology, Creativity, Participatory Design, Relationship Design, Social Innovation
SAITO Toshifumi Associate Professor Creative Direction, Art Direction, Advertising Design, Museum Design
TOKUHISA Satoru Associate Professor Field of Specialization Service Design, Innovation Management, Media Design
INAMURA Tokushu Assistant Professor Design Engineering
Design Experience
Name Position Field of Specialization
MATSUGUMA Hiroyuki Associate Professor Computer Graphics Design
Design and Architecture
Name Position Field of Specialization
FUJI Tomoaki Professor Machine Design
HIRAI Yasuyuki Professor Interior Design, Office Design, Interior Product Design, Inclusive Design
TANOUE Kenichi Professor Architectural Planning and Design
UKAI Tetsuya Professor Architectural Design, Urban Design
SOGABE Haruka Associate Professor Design Process, Sign Design, Public Space Design


Graduates in this course are expected to work for a variety of companies, including manufacturers of home appliances, furniture, and toys; space, architecture, and urban planning-related companies; information and media-related companies; advertising agencies; trading and retail companies; infrastructure companies; and government agencies. After completing the doctoral program, students are expected to work as researchers in corporate research institutes or educational research institutions such as universities.

Main Employers
Design producers
Design directors
Strategic designers
Educators and researchers

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