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Research Student

Enrolling as a Research Students

1. Research Students at the Graduate School of Design for enrollment in April, 2019 for those who do not have Japanese citizenship

Overview of the Policy for Research Students

The policy for research students of the Graduate School of Design of Kyushu University is intended to support researchers from home and abroad under the guidance of a supervising instructor for six months or one year by offering research facilities and equipment in the university, so that the initial research plan submitted by the students themselves will be fulfilled. The instructor undertakes the task of supervising research students who aim to pursue studies in the design engineering domains based on the school’s educational philosophy.


Since the research students enroll in the graduate school with the aim of pursuing their own specific studies, they are basically not allowed to audit classes (lectures) for undergraduate or graduate course students. Furthermore, since the policy is not meant to aim at their acquisition of an academic degree, the university does not grant a degree for their research results after completing the research period.


Those who wish to obtain a degree must take the admissions examination of the School of Design or the Graduate School of Design, enroll as a regular student, and complete the required courses.

Those who wish to attend classes must enter the university either as a regular student or a non-degree student, and follow the designated procedures, including signing up for courses.


How to request an "Admission Guidebook for Research Students"

Please ask permission from your prospective supervisor first by using below two methods.

・Applicants of the Chinese residence must register your personal record and application documents to the Online-system of Bejing Office in Kyushu University.

Permission/ non-permission will be written in Online-system.

   URL of Bejing Office in Kyushu University;


・Applicants of other than above must send application documents to Student Affairs Division in School of design, Kyushu University.

Permission/ non-permission will be informed you from Student Affairs Division.

   Mail address of Student Affairs Division in School of Design, Kyushu University;


The permission applicants should then pay the application fee, and submit the following documents to

Student Affairs Division by deadline.


Please following instructions carefully and submit all the required documents.

We will not accept your application for any reason after the deadline.


Deadline for submitting applications.

First semester: Fri, November 16th, 2018


Student Affairs Division, School of Design, Kyushu University
E-mail: gkgkenkyusei(at*)

* please replace (at*) to "@".


Qualifications for applicants

In order to apply as a research student, applicants must meet one of the following conditions:

1. Those who graduated from a 4-year college (2-year college degree is unacceptable)

2. Those who have been recognized by Graduate School of Design as having equal academic ability to 1. above.


Research period

The period of research is either 6months or 1year. You may, however, extend the research period if you have special reasons.


Enrollment Dates

As a general rule, the enrollment date for the first semester is April 1st .


Required documents for application

For more details, please refer to the "Admissions Guide for Research Students".


First, pay the application fee (9,800 yen) and submit the proof of payment (e.g. copy of receipt, etc.) with other application documents.


1. Application for Admission **

2. The copy of payment receipt of application fee

3. Research Plan

4. Certificate of Graduation from your latest college or Certificate of Expected Graduation ***

5. Transcript from your latest college ***

6. Acceptance letter from the head of your company ***

7. Recommendation Letter

8. Proof of research achievement

9. Study Plan

10. "Certificate of linguistic ability" regarding research activities **

11. Prior information regarding linguistic ability of research student applicants **

12. Certification of Japanese language proficiency

13. Document certifying the applicant's ability to pay all the expenses during his/her stay in Japan

14. Address and Contact Card **

15. Documents certifying the status of residence (only if the applicant lives in Japan)

16. A copy of passport


** use designated form

*** No photo copy acceptable. Original documents only


Deadline for submitting applications

First Semester: Fri, November 16th, 2018

Admission fee and tuition ****

1. Admission fee: 84,600 yen (approximately)

2. Tuition for six months: 178,200 yen (approximately)

Annual school expenses: 84,600 yen (admission fee) + 356,400 yen (annual tuition) = 441,000 yen (approximately)


**** The admission fee and the tuition are subject to change.